Come Hike With Us – Babcock State Park

So it’s the middle of winter, there’s about 4 inches of snow on the ground, I’m sitting here in my sweats with my house shoes on and I’m still freezing.  I’m dreaming about Spring, the sunshine on my face and the way it feels as it warms my hair, birds chirping, flowers blooming…  Can you feel it?  I can!  And I can’t freaking wait.  Seriously, aside from Chris, I feel like the sun is my best friend.  So, in honor of our best friend, Chris and I have decided to host our first annual Spring Hiking Challenge!

For our first event we have set the bar fairly high, but don’t let that intimidate you…  You can do this!  We are planning a 10 mile hike around the breathtaking Babcock State Park, two different 5 mile loops with a lunch break in between.  We would love for you to join us on the whole trek or even just one of the loops!  If you decide to come along there are a few things you might find helpful…  A light backpack of any kind will work great for carrying everything!

5 Mile

5 miles seems like a really long way but you’ll be through it before you know it!  You get distracted admiring the scenery, talking with friends, and having a good time that the miles just blow by!

  • Comfortable shoes/boots (spring is just beginning so the ground is thawing and muddy!)
  • Comfortable clothing (dress in layers)
  • Lunch (to eat after or before our hike depending on what loop you choose)
  • A large bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • Light jacket (depending on weather)
  • Sunscreen/bug repellent
  • Sunglasses
  • A small first aid kit
  • A light rain poncho, just incase
  • A headlamp for the 2nd loop, just in case.

10 Mile

10 miles is a bit more of a challenge but with a lunch break in the middle will give us a great chance to rest up and refuel.

  • Everything included for the 5 mile
  • Two large bottles of water
  • Extra snacks
  • A headlamp, just incase

Hiking With Baby/Young Children

We would be thrilled to have you bring your little one along with you on our hike, it’s kind of the whole point of what we are doing here.  We want to inspire people to take their kiddos and get outside!  Bringing your little one along does require just a bit more gear and a bit more planning but we believe it is one of the best gifts you can give them.

  • A comfortable baby carrier – you can find a review of our favorite here: Baby K’tan Also, an Infanto from Wal-Mart or Target work really well.  We also highly recommend: Infantino Cuddle Up (Review Coming Soon).
  • Diapers (if applicable)
  • A thin blanket for diapering in the woods
  • Snacks for baby
  • Bottles/formula for baby (if applicable)
  • Comfortable clothes for baby (again layers are best, you can add or remove as needed)

So that’s pretty much it!  Don’t let this list intimidate you, it’s really just a set of guidelines to keep you and your little one comfortable.  The most important thing is getting out there and living your best, happiest life with your family.  If you would like to join us be sure to head over to our event page and let us know you’re coming!  There you’ll find the time info as well as directions to the park.